VJ Brewski TV

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Linkin Park vs. Genesis

DJ Maxentropy's "What I've Confused" mashup get's the VJ Brewski video treatment. The video for Genesis "Land of Confusion" is not so good. So I used the animated Disturbed cover instead. Worked a treat! Download MPEG2 Video

The Wiseguys vs. Grease

Rated 9/10 on the Partyben "video rate-a-meter"! here's my music video for PB's "Ooh La La Summer Nights" Featuring The Wiseguys "Ooh La La" vs. Olivia Newton John and John Travolta "Summer Nights" Download Video

Nelly Furtado vs. Michael Jackson

Rated 8/10 on the Partyben "video rate-a-meter", check out my video for PB's fantastic mix: "Promiscuous With You" Download Video

Monday, December 29, 2008

Will Smith vs. The Bee Gees

Floor filla alert! Check out Cheekyboy's brilliant mashup of Will Smith "Switch" vs. The Bee Gees "Stayin Alive". Mashup titled "Switchin Alive"
Download Video

Green Day vs. Beck vs. Big Audio Dynamite

"Warning Rush Where It's At" is probably my favourite rock mashup I've heard so far. And mixed by an Aussie! DJ Peaking mixes Green Day's "Warning" with Beck's "Where it's at" and Big Audio Dynamite's hit "Rush" Download Video